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Learning Opportunity Center

The FSDB Learning Opportunities Center (LOC) provides a rich array of options for FSDB Middle and High School students who choose to take advantage of online learning opportunities to further their academic and career goals. Students can take academic courses, Honors courses, Advanced Placement courses, Dual Enrollment college courses, or elective courses through the Florida Virtual School (FLVS) or St. Johns River State College (SJRC).

assistant principal

Dina Padden

Dina Rae Padden has been an educator for over 11 years in various settings throughout her career, mainly at the secondary level (high school) with stints in kindergarten, middle school, and college. She served as a curriculum area leader for a high school science team, led an accreditation self-study team, and served as a presenter at various conferences focusing on education preparation programs, science education, and school leadership. She is passionate about promoting student achievement and furthering the professional growth of teachers. Early in her career, she was an financial auditor and analyst for a national accounting firm. In 2017, Ms. Padden was named to her current role as Assistant Principal of the Deaf High School, overseeing academic education for deaf and hard of hearing students.

Certificate, Educational Administration and Supervision, Hood College
Master of Arts, Deaf Education, Gallaudet University
Master of Business Administration, Accounting, Rutgers Business School
Bachelor of Science (Dual), Economics/Finance and Biology, Gallaudet University

When students are becoming thinkers and readers as well as turning into compassionate, passionate, and productive individuals, we know that we have achieved as educators and instructional leaders.

DHS teachers

Andrea Binder


Lia Ferrante

Science/Dance Troupe

Renee Geary


Debra Grimm

Science/Social Studies

Tiffany Kawohl

Learning Opportunity Center

Elizabeth Moody

Language Arts

Christian Rivera

Language Arts

Brianna Sobik

Language Arts

Kevin Voelker

Culinary Arts

May Boyd

Educational Training

Lauren Fox

Language Arts

Adam Greenleaf


Dena Hackett

Social Studies

Shannon Lally


Mandy Nolte

Language Arts

Deanna Scala

Digital Media

Julie Stinson

D&B Designs

Brandon Call


Michael Freeman


Monica Griffey

Computer Sciences

Randall Hancock

Building Construction

Rosablanca Matteo

Spanish/Driver's Ed

Jenny Palmer

Horticulture Science

Harold Simmons

Career Preparation

Vira Tinyszin

Language Arts

Cheryl Crumpler

Career Preparation

Matthew Gatlin

Social Studies

Valerie Griffin


Maria Hernandez


David McFee

Social Studies

Charles Raven

Culinary Arts

Renato Sindicic


Mohan Varthakavi


DHS Specialists & Support Personnel

JuneAnn LeFors

ASL Specialist

James Salamunovich

Coord. of Student Behavior

Brent Bechtold

Reading Specialist

Dee Stoddard

Social Worker

Jillian Rivera

Administrative Assistant

Katherine Pittman

Educational Diagnostician

Missy Kaler

School Counselor

Brittney Carr

Speech Language Pathologist

Amy Bassett


Jay Floresca

IEP Coordinator

Ali Marchetta

School Counselor

Annie Cruze

Speech Language Pathologist

Jonnie Wells


Sue Clark

Math Specilist

Selina Agyen

School Psychologist

Sally Satin

Speech Language Pathologist

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