Early Intervention for D/HH

Encouraging early connection, communication and language development between caregiver and child within the natural environment.


FSDB provides a statewide early intervention program as an outreach initiative for families of children with hearing concerns.

Families are paired with a certified Parent Advisor (PA) who has received specialized training in working with families who have infants and young children who are deaf/hard of hearing. Through regular visits, the PA addresses family concerns and helps to determine goals and priorities.


Together families, caregivers, and PAs share information, discuss ideas and adaptations, and monitor the child’s progress. This program enhances the family’s ability to assist their child in becoming a participating family member and a part of the larger community.


We respect and support any communication methods that work for the child and family.

We focus on language development, communication options, understanding hearing aids/cochlear implants, child development, and transitioning into a school system. 


  • Monthly newsletter

  • Host Family Forward support group events bi-monthly.

  • Host Regional events for the entire family such as park days, zoo trips, and Chick-fil-a dates.  


Know a family that needs our services? You can submit your referral electronically!


Lewis, Deaf Child

“The Parent Infant Program has helped us to see him as normal. With his hearing aids and therapies, he will be fine and able to do all things.” 


—  Nayeli, Mom


How do I start workng with an in-home Parent Advisor?

Call/email our Referral Hotline or follow this link to provide us with your contact information and we will follow up with you.

How can I refer a family to the Parent Infant Program?

Call/email our Referral Hotline or follow this link to provide us with your contact information and we will follow up with you.

Is my child eligible for the Parent Infant Program?

If you have concerns regarding your child's vision or hearing status, please contact us. We do have eligibilty criteria for our porgram, but would love the opportunity to discuss your concerns and either send a Parent Advisor to come visit you or refer you to someone else who can help.

If I participate in the Parent Infant Program, does my child automatically attend FSDB for school?

No. Qualifications for the Parent Infant Program are not the same as eligibilty for school at FSDB. To apply for admission at FSDB please click here.

Is there a fee for services from FSDB?

All FSDB services, including the Parent Infant Program's services are provided at no cost to families.

How do I become a Parent Advisor

If you are certified in SKI-HI, VIISA, or INSITE and are interested in becoming a Parent Advisor, please sned a resume and letter of interest to Kim Carr - VI (carrk@fsdb.k12.fl.us) or Jennifer Cato - DHH (catoj@fsdb.k12.fl.us)

How do I register for SKI-HI, Insite, or VIISA training?

Please click here for our training fliers and registration forms.

How can we attend the Toddler Program?

To participate in the Toddler Program, you ust first be qualified for and register with the Parent Infant Program. Please use this link or call Jennifer Cato at 904-827-2437 to register.


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