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Billy Lange Named Next FSDB Athletic Director

The Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB) is pleased to announce the appointment of Billy Lange as the new Athletic Director. Mr. Lange is a graduate of FSDB (1981) and has been with the school for four years as an Instructional Assistant/Assistant Athletic Director in the Physical Education department.

New FSDB Athletic Director Billy Lange wearing a red FSDB Athletics polo standing in Settles Gym.

Before coming to FSDB, Mr. Lange worked at the Kentucky School for the Deaf in various positions. He was a Recreational Supervisor (12 years), a middle school math teacher (4.5 years), the Athletic Director (12 years), and the Dean of Student Life. In 2017, he retired and returned to his alma mater.

"I always wanted to work at my alma mater," said Mr. Lange. "FSDB has a beautiful campus. The people at FSDB are always friendly and willing to help each other."

The Lange family is a big part of FSDB history. Mr. Lange's father, Robert Lange, worked at the school as a Photography Teacher and his mother, Geneva, worked in the Dragon's Lair. Mr. Lange's two sisters, Wendy and Camy, also graduated from FSDB.

Mr. Lange has some big plans for FSDB Athletics. He wants to see the program more involved in the National Level competitions and compete against the six elite Deaf schools nationwide. He wants the Dragons to consistently participate in the big tournaments such as the National Deaf Volleyball Spike-Out Tournament, National Deaf Cross-Country Meet, Clerc Classic (National Deaf Basketball Tournament), Marty Willigan Wrestling Tournament, and Berg/Seeger Track & Field Classic.

"I firmly believe that if FSDB teams participate in all these tournaments, it will motivate and push our athletes to be more competitive," said Mr. Lange.

He also hopes to host a national tournament here at FSDB in the near future.


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