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BMS Students Compete In Mathlympics

FSDB Blind Middle School students stand in front of stage with American Flag on projection screen behind them.

During the two weeks of the Winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang, FSDB Blind Middle School Math Teacher Brigit Jensen hosted her own Math Olympics, the “Mathlympics.” Students completed math challenges that tested their mastery of skills including fractions, symbols, vocabulary, and multiplication tables. There were math riddles and ditloids (math puzzles) based on Olympic events.

Students especially enjoyed both Friday’s special problem solving challenges! The challenges were: Movin’ on Up, Face the Cookie, Nose Dive, Johnny Applestack, Junk in the Trunk, and the Doughnut Game.

Not all fun and games, students also spent class time researching the country they selected for the Mathlympics from those represented at the 2018 Olympics. They compiled basic information on their chosen country, such as the country flag, type of currency, and population. They also calculated how many miles it would take to get to that country from the United States, and how many miles from that country to Pyeongchang. They tracked the country’s Olympic rankings, athletes, and world records set during the Olympics. During quizzes and tests, and for the Friday special events, students received points. There were classroom Mathlympics medal winners at the end, just as with the Olympics in South Korea.

Jensen emceed the closing ceremony in the Music Building – everyone received a trophy for participating even if they didn’t medal this time around. (Yes, it will return!) As she wrapped up the ceremony, Jensen asked the students to “make some noise if you liked this event.” The students cheered so loudly the Music Building seemed to shake!

Bravo to third year teacher Brigit Jensen for engaging students in math with a fun and meaningful connection to the Winter Olympics.

Sixth grade medal winners:

1st place: Sophia Lopez

2nd place: Randi Hinson

3rd place: Savannah Lindbergh

4th place: David Chinchilla

Seventh grade medal winners:

1st place: Breanna Raisor

2nd Place: Brady Simmer

3rd place: Lina Al-Ghathi

4th place: Tristin Brennen

Eighth grade medal winners:

1st place: DeJonae Levers

2nd place: Natalie Cruz

3rd place: Luke Bocuzzo

4th place: Malcolm Rosebud & Jason Lubin (tie)

By Christi Boortz, Instructional Services


About FSDB

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