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Elementary Students Showcase Vocabulary Creativity

Deaf Elementary students dressed up as the word "Bear."

The Sixth Annual Vocabulary Showcase was both heartwarming and a huge success! Seventy-plus students from both the Deaf and Blind Elementary Schools designed handmade costumes to spotlight their chosen vocabulary word on the stage of Kirk Auditorium, open to the campus community. Students and families work hard on this project, and we even had a few parent participants this year!

Just before the Showcase started, participants gathered in the Dragon's Lair Cafe for refreshments (students enjoyed muffins in particular!) and the opportunity to preview everyone's costumes.

At showtime, participants lined up behind the stage curtains of Kirk Auditorium, waiting patiently for their time to shine. Each took their turn on the stage spotlight, briefly explaining their costume and chosen vocabulary word.

Watch an archived live stream of the Vocabulary Showcase (October 31, 2019).

(Note: The program starts around the 4:23 mark.)

Patrick Cabrera said, "I liked the vocabulary parade! I liked showing my scarecrow costume. I was 'scary' for birds."
Gracie Miller proudly said, "I was so happy because my mom and dad came, and I got my picture taken."
Isaiah Jeudy said with excitement, "It was cool to see the different costumes!"
Jordan Salter said with a huge smile, "I enjoyed it! I was excited because my older sister was in the audience watching me!"

Blind Elementary boy dressed up as recycling truck for the word "recycle."

When exiting the stage, each participant paused to have their picture taken by a Deaf High School student photographer. The photos will be used to create a Vocabulary Showcase album for all the classes involved.

Blind and Deaf Elementary students love this activity and look forward to it every year. Special appreciation goes to parents, staff members and departments, and audience members from the Deaf and Blind Middle Schools who gave their support for yet another successful Vocabulary Showcase!

By Jessica Kaspar, Deaf Elementary School


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