Presidential Search and Invitation to Apply

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The State of Florida and the Board of Trustees for the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB) invite applications for the position of president. The Board of Trustees is charged with identifying an innovative, inspirational leader with proven capacity to embrace and enhance the school’s vision of preparing each student for a lifetime of success.

About the School

Established in 1885, FSDB is an accredited state public school available at no cost to eligible pre-K and K-12 students residing in Florida who are deaf/hard of hearing, blind/visually impaired or deafblind. Nationally recognized for its specialized educational programs, services and advanced technologies, FSDB serves approximately 1,000 students each year—through statewide parent-infant/family programs in addition to a pre-K Montessori early learning center and five K-12 elementary, middle and high schools on its 80+ acre campus in historic St. Augustine.


FSDB is accredited by AdvancED (now known as Cognia) and the Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf (CEASD).

Governing Board

FSDB operates under the leadership and direction of its Board of Trustees, pursuant to Section 1002.36 of the Florida Statutes. The board consists of seven members who are appointed by the state governor and confirmed by the senate. One of its members is required to be a person who is blind/visually impaired, and one is required to be a person who is deaf/hard of hearing. Each member is required to have been a Florida resident for at least 10 years and the term of office for each member is four years. The board is invested with full power and authority to appoint the president of the school.


FSDB will prepare each student for a lifetime of success.


The mission of the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind is to utilize all available talent, energy, and resources to provide free appropriate public education for eligible sensory-impaired students of Florida. As a school of academic excellence, the school shall strive to provide students an opportunity to access education services in a caring, safe, unique learning environment to prepare them to be literate, employable, and independent lifelong learners. The school shall provide outreach services that include collaboration with district school boards and shall encourage input from students, staff, parents, and the community. As a diverse organization, the school shall foster respect and understanding for each individual.


High Quality Education—We pledge to provide a high-quality education for our students utilizing rigorous curriculum, evidence based effective teaching practices, and cutting-edge technology.

Diversity—To meet the needs of our diverse student population, we pledge to provide highly trained certified educators and specialists to bring all students to their next level of achievement.

Integrity & Respect—We cultivate an atmosphere of integrity and respect by basing our decisions and actions on fair, ethical, and honest standards, treating others in a fair and