Spring FSDB Expo Attracts Statewide Visitors

Visitors looking at assistive technology during the FSDB Expo.

The FSDB Expo is a lively one-day event held during the fall and spring months the school campus in St. Augustine, under the leadership of Elizabeth Wilcox, FSDB Director of Outreach. Wilcox was hired specifically to increase outreach awareness of the many programs and services the School offers both on campus and throughout the state of Florida.

Wilcox enthused, “I enjoy my new position! I love communicating how FSDB values partnerships with parents and families, communities, local and state organizations, and school districts. It is exciting to collaborate on issues of mutual interest and share best practices through training, seminars, and conferences.”

FSDB Blind Librarian Joy Carriger shows expo attendees large print.

The first Expo was held last fall and the second Expo took place on February 28, 2019. As during the first well-orchestrated fall event, staff members received guests at the entrance to the Wilson Music Building, offering registration packets and bottled water. The full schedule included opening and closing remarks from Wilcox, short presentations on topics of interest to educators, welcoming remarks by FSDB President Dr. Jeanne Glidden Prickett, resource exhibits highlighting FSDB programs and services, specially arranged visits to see students at work (Career & Technical Education programs), and a tour of the school campus.

Asked about the overarching purpose of the twice-yearly FSDB Expo, Ms. Wilcox explained, “We invite guests to visit the campus and learn more about the ways that the school serves as a trusted resource throughout the state of Florida and beyond, providing comprehensive programs and services for students who are deaf/hard of hearing, blind/visually impaired, or deafblind.

A variety of creative arts served as a strong presence at the FSDB Expo. Students from the Blind Department music bands Outta Sight and N'Vision performed classic Americana tunes as well as some modern favorites such as Twist and Shout, Thinking Out Loud, Drag Me Down, Umbrella, Long Time Gone, and Happy. Student performers included Diamond Caldwell, Brianna Cruz, Katlyn Deverson, Me