Students Create Parking for Golf Carts

Students about to pour cement.

The planning for the grand multiple-step FSDB golf cart parking project began with a request by the Safety & Facilities Department to the Building Construction Technologies program under the Career Development Department.

Building Construction Technologies Teacher Randall Hancock and his BAT (Building a Tradesman program) students worked to create an 18 x 15 cement slab that would serve as a parking spot for campus golf carts. The Department provided the materials and equipment, and Hancock's BAT students carried out the labor as part of their Building Construction Technologies course standards. Students in grades 8-12 eagerly participated in this hands-on project. Hancock felt strongly about the project’s potential from the start:

“I wanted students to learn general masonry skills, such as mixing cement using the right amount of gravel, Portland sand, and water to create the correct strength to meet stress/tension guidelines. Students also needed to learn how to lay a cement slab properly.”

The cement pour project occurred over two weeks during February. Students experienced the protocol involved in site preparation, excavation to build trenches, and the laying down of reinforced bars, all with compliance to construction codes. Students learned to mix cement by transferring material from bags into the mixer for churning and pouring. Some students showed a passion for troweling the surface – they aimed for smoothness and professional quality. The BAT course, with its hands-on and detail-oriented focus, prepares students for future construction careers, and the slab project provided the “biggest bang for the buck” for the current school year, according to Hancock. The project also elicited student motivation to gain knowledge and experience in general construction techniques.

Congratulations to Randall Hancock, his students (see list below) and the Safety & Facilities Department for a highly successful collaboration!

BAT Students:

Luca Bella Bonnano White

Oceana Brown

Brieillys Colon Mendez

Kendall Colon Moore

Shawn Corbett

Derlim Cotte Alvarado

Cole Crosman

Cassidy Dainty

Brenden Fadden