Success Stories: Amorita and Daniel

Siblings Amorita and Daniel are the 7th generation in their family to be born Deaf. Raised in Massachusetts, they attended the same Deaf elementary school as their mom. They were deeply connected to Deaf culture.

Then the family moved to Florida in 2015. The siblings’ district school was different. Teachers didn’t understand Deaf culture or communicate well. Without a full-time interpreter, Amorita and Daniel couldn’t make friends, contribute to class, or join after-school activities.

“Amorita and Daniel didn’t know who they were as Deaf people,” Mom shares. “They didn’t know what they could and couldn’t do.”

In 2018, Mom found FSDB. Teachers and students not only know sign language but also celebrate Deaf culture. Amorita and Daniel could earn an excellent education and access enriching programs like cooking, gardening, graphic design... and sports!

“I always wanted to play sports,” says Amorita. “At FSDB, I finally had the opportunity to learn the rules and play.”

FSDB offers 11 sports teams. Ninth grader Amorita is on four: soccer, swimming, flag football, and track and field. Sixth grader Daniel swims and plays football.

The swim coach shares, “Amorita and Daniel achieved their personal bests this year! Amorita also challenged herself with new events like the 500 yard and the butterfly.”

Amorita and Daniel are thriving again. They know who they are and what they’re capable of. Mom is so grateful: “As a Deaf mom, that’s all I’ve ever wanted for my Deaf children.”


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