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The FSDB Purchasing Department oversees purchasing, property, surplus disposition, competitive solicitations, and contracts. Our team is dedicated to providing professional and efficient procurement services that support the mission of the School.

My Florida Marketplace Registration

All Contractors doing business with the State of Florida for the sale of commodities or contractual services as defined in §287.012, Florida Statutes are required to have on file a Substitute W-9 and be registered (online) with the My Florida Marketplace (MFMP) E-procurement system, in compliance with Rule 60A-1.030, Florida Administrative Code, unless exempt under Rule 60A-1.031, Florida Administrative Code.


Registration with MFMP can easily be completed by visiting the MFMP website. For additional information or questions, contact:

MFMP Customer Service Help Desk

PH: 1-866-FLA-EPRO (1-866-352-3776)

Kim Whitwam

FSDB Purchasing Director

PH: 904-827-2356



Submitting a Substitute Form W-9 is a two-step process. First, visit: State of Florida Vendor Portal and Register, then go back and complete Step 2.


As an agency of the State of Florida, FSDB promulgates Competitive Solicitations for certain goods and services in accordance with Chapter 287 of the Florida Statues and other applicable laws, regulations, and rules and are strongly encouraged to carefully review all of the details of a solicitation and prepare responses according to the instructions.

FSDB may also advertise ongoing Competitive Solicitations in the Florida Administrative Register (FAR), the Florida Vendor Bid System (VBS), on Onvia’s Demandstar site, and in local newspapers, as required by Florida Statutes. However, respondents are responsible for being aware of the contents of any solicitation and the existence of updates, amendments, clarifications, modifications, and changes published to FSDB’s Solicitation web page.


Certified Minority Business Enterprises (CMBEs) are encouraged to participate in the bidding process.

For contracts and solicitations, contact:

Kim Whitwam
Director of Purchasing
PH: 904-827-2356

Fax: 904-827-2348


Competitive Solicitatons

Jessica Lunsford Act / Background checks

When a vendor is approved or contracted to perform work on the FSDB campus, they are first required to undergo a background check and obtain valid uniform statewide contractor’s identification badge in accordance with §1012.467, FS, which requires that while on the campus, the Contractor’s employees, subcontractors, and staff shall at all times wear the badge so as to be visible on their person. If a vendor is in need of a badge, information on how to obtain one can be obtained from the FSDB Purchasing Department.

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PH: 904-827-2356

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