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Safety & Facilities

FSDB will utilize all available talent, expertise, and energy to provide a safe and effective physical environment that promotes excellence.


The Safety and Facilities Operations at FSDB believes that a clean, safe, and beautiful facility is highly important, not only for the physical well-being, but also the psychological well-being of our students and staff. Comfortable and secure students make better learners. We are committed to providing a home away from home, in which our students can flourish.


The Safety Department specializes in making sure that all campus areas are free from safety hazards. The campus includes fire safety, chemical safety, electrical safety, and general safety. FSDB has over 5,000 smoke detectors and the fire alarm system is monitored 24/7. FSDB maintains an excellent working relationship with the local fire department and other regulatory agencies. In addition, the Safety personnel works cooperatively with the FSDB Incident Command Team to develop and coordinate emergency preparedness procedures and drills.


The Construction Department manages all campus renovations and new construction. With some buildings being over 100 years old, the school strives to balance modernizing our campus with maintaining our historic character. All construction projects are tackled with the utmost attention to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, building codes, and best construction practices.


Major Buildings


The Household Department is charged with maintaining a clean and sterile environment in all campus facilities. Each building is cleaned daily and special attention is paid to disinfecting surfaces to prevent the spread of germs. Dedicated staff members work in two shifts so that learning and living spaces receive the attention needed to keep up with our bustling campus activities.


The Maintenance Department is made up of skilled carpenters, electricians, plumbers, heating/ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians, and maintenance mechanics. Their expertise is essential to maintaining all campus buildings. We work cooperatively with the academic and boarding programs to ensure that all systems are functioning properly. Maintenance personnel also provide support to students in the Building a Tradesman (BAT) program as part of the school's Career and Technical Education (CTE) curriculum.


Acre Campus


The Grounds Department maintains landscaping, irrigation, athletic fields, and playgrounds. Grounds personnel strive to maintain “green space” in this picturesque environment, surrounded on three sides by a thriving saltmarsh.

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