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Greetings from the President

FSDB President Tracie C. Snow standing in Palm Row

By now many of you have learned that I was appointed last Friday as the 19th president of the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB) by the Board of Trustees. Taking on the leadership of FSDB is a distinct honor and privilege, and I have begun transitioning into my new position in partnership with campus and external stakeholders.

The current school year, without question, has brought on unique challenges with students starting back on campus in a brick and mortar environment and others within an innovative learning environment. Our changing educational landscape points to yet more challenges and opportunities ahead, and I can assure you that we are more than ready. What truly makes FSDB stand out is our commitment to furthering the learning and growth of students – both at school and at home. The overall FSDB experience is designed to give students the edge to do more, be more, and achieve more, fulfilling our vision of preparing them for a lifetime of success.

The future is bright for FSDB as a trusted statewide educational leader and resource. I look forward to strengthening our relationships with stakeholders – students, parents/guardians, staff members, alumni, community supporters, district school personnel, state Department of Education personnel, state legislative officials and families of prospective students.

I intend to be accessible to stakeholders and will maintain an open-door communication policy. Periodically I will post announcements on our leadership web page; you’ll also want to check our news web page frequently. Stay connected with us @FSDBK12 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also reach out to me at 904-827-2210 or email.

Please join me in pursuing my passion for educational excellence and innovation both at FSDB and throughout the state of Florida. Together, we will work to make a difference for our students and their families.

Tracie Cascio Snow President


About FSDB

The Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind is a tuition-free state public school and outreach center available to eligible pre-K and K-12 students who are deaf/hard of hearing, blind/visually impaired or deafblind. At FSDB, students learn how to do more, be more, and achieve more, fulfilling our vision of preparing them for a lifetime of success. FSDB gratefully accepts private donations to support vital programs that directly benefit students and are not paid by state general revenue funds. To inquire about enrollment eligibility or schedule a campus tour, contact Parent Services at 904-827-2212 voice or 904-201-4527 videophone. For more information about FSDB, visit


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