Serving 975+ infants, toddlers, and students throughout Florida, FSDB makes it possible for students to do more, be more and achieve more through academic and extracurricular opportunities.

Considering FSDB?

The Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB) is a tuition-free state public school and outreach center available to eligible Pre-K and K-12 students who are deaf/hard of hearing, blind/visually impaired or deafblind. FSDB is accredited by AdvancED and the Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf (CEASD).

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Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for admission to FSDB has been established by the State of Florida, and prospective students must meet all criteria in order to be eligible for admission or for continued enrollment.


Parents/legal guardians living in Florida have the opportunity to choose the school that best meets the needs of their child. If your child meets eligibility requirements, FSDB may be an option.

To find out if your child is eligible to attend FSDB, s/he must be evaluated through an admissions eligibility process.



Each child’s eligibility for enrollment at FSDB or continued enrollment is based on the recommendation of an admissions eligibility team that includes parents/guardians as part of the review process. Review the process below to learn about the steps involved and how to get started with your child’s application.

Application Process

To speed up the process, include the following documents (if applicable), with the application:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Custody Documents

  • School Physical

  • Immunization Records

  • Audiological and/or Eye Medical Records

Step 1


Interested parents/guardians or adult students can complete an application online or download the application packet and send it to the FSDB Registrar:

Step 2


The Registrar will request school records and the FSDB Health Care Center staff will request medical records. It may take several weeks for FSDB to receive all records. Parents/guardians or adult students can help facilitate the process by including records with the application.

Once the Registrar has collected all records, the admissions eligibility team reviews the application file. The review team may request additional information.

Upon completion of the records review process, the Registrar or the Admissions Coordinator will contact you either by letter expressing possible eligibility concerns or by phone to schedule an admissions eligibility meeting. In either case, parents/guardians or adult students have the right to participate in the eligibility meeting.

Step 3


As parents/guardians or an adult student, you are involved in discussions and decisions throughout the day.

The day will begin with a brief meeting to explain the assessments that the admissions eligibility team would like to perform with you and your child. Your child will be asked to accompany the evaluator to the testing rooms to perform the assessments. Children are given breaks and visits with parents/legal guardians, as needed. If the evaluations take up the full morning, you and the team will break for lunch. At a second meeting, the team comes back together and all of the assessment results will be shared with you. It is at this time that the eligibility criteria will be reviewed and the team will determine, with your input, the child’s eligibility to attend FSDB. The entire process may take half a day, but sometimes could continue for a full day.

Step 4


There are three possible outcomes:


  • The student meets all eligibility criteria for enrollment at FSDB.


Not Eligible

  • The student does not meet one or more of the eligibility criteria for enrollment at FSDB.

Temporary Assignment

  • The admissions eligibility team needs more information to determine the student's eligibility for enrollment at FSDB.


If it is determined that the student is eligible or enrolled on a Temporary Assignment, a Consent for Enrollment/Temporary Assignment may be required, and an IEP meeting will be scheduled with the participation of parents/guardians or adult student.


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