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FSDB conducts personalized tours of the school campus for prospective families, parents and students, as well as tailored educational tours for school districts, community members, and members of the public.

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Campus Tours

Taking a tour of our beautiful campus in St. Augustine is the best way to learn about FSDB. Tours are customized for each family of prospective students who have an interest in learning more about the school. Prospective students and their families will have the opportunity to explore our campus meet current students and teachers, and ask the admissions team and administrators any questions you may have. Tours are conducted by appointment only, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Click a link below to schedule a tour or email us for more information.


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FAQs for Families

How many students attend FSDB?

About 575 students are enrolled in Pre-K and K-12 programs on campus, and about 400 students are enrolled in Parent Infant Programs throughout the state of Florida.

What kind of transportation is available for students?

Students in the Boarding Program receive bus service to and from their hometown on weekends and holidays. Students living in St. Johns County and the surrounding counties are transported to and from home on a daily basis. Local families also have the option of transporting their children between school and home.

What kind of after school activities are available at FSDB?

FSDB provides diverse extracurricular opportunities for student participation in athletics, clubs and activities, performing arts programs, and recreational activities that take place in state-of-the-art facilities. Students also take part in athletic and academic competitions with public and private schools in Florida and at other deaf and blind schools across the country. Academic and athletic teams at FSDB hold national championship titles and regional awards.

What is the average class size at FSDB?

We maintain small class sizes to allow teachers to meet each student’s specific needs. At the elementary level, the classes average between six to eight students. At the middle school level, the average class size is eight students. At the high school level, the average class size is 10 students.

My child has cochlear implants. Can s/he attend FSDB?

Many students who attend FSDB use hearing aids and cochlear implants to maximize use of residual hearing.

What services are available for children from birth to age six?

Our Parent Infant Program serves Deaf/HH and/or Blind/VI babies (ages birth to five) and their families in their home environment. Our Early Learning Center is a Montessorri-based program on the FSDB campus that serves Pre-K students ages 3-5.

What is the communication philosophy at FSDB?

All forms of communication are used and encouraged, including American Sign Language (ASL) and spoken and written English.

FAQs for Visitors

How do I visit the campus.

All parents, visitors, contractors and delivery drivers are required to display valid photo identification (preferably a state issued ID card or driver license) when requesting access into the campus so that searches can be conducted for any outstanding wants and warrants and to check national and state sexual offender/predator registries.

Where is the main entrance of the school?

Visitors should enter the campus through the Genoply Street entrance that intersects with San Marco Avenue, and then proceed to the guardhouse to check in with Campus Police.