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The President's Post: Strategic Planning Progress

View the latest President's Post about our Strategic Planning Progress in ASL or spoken English. The transcript is listed below the videos.

Hello FSDB Community,

I am super excited to announce how we will be sharing information about our 2022-2027 Strategic Planning progress. It is so important for me that you not only know what is happening, but can find ways to engage in the work.

Before I talk about how we will be sharing information about the Strategic Plan, I wanted to remind everyone what our three Priority Goals are:

#1 Employee Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement (ERRE)

#2 Success for Students

#3 Everyone Knows Our Name

Now for the enhancements:

1st: There will be a special section in each of the printed FSDB Board of Trustee reports which will give an update on the activities, progress, and data related to each of our three Strategic Priorities.

2nd: At the FSDB Board of Trustee meetings, a champion from each of the three Strategic Priorities will present their updates. You can view the BOT meeting in the FSDB Vimeo library ( They will be posted for 30 days after each meeting.

3rd: We have a new webpage on our website to serve as a “home” for Strategic Planning ( Here you will find our vision, mission, values, Strategic Planning Priority Goals, and highlights on events and activities happening related to the goals. You will also see who is on the team and what positions they have. We also note who the Priority Champions are for each of the goals so you know who to reach out to if you have questions, comments, suggestions, or want to be involved. This will also be the place where you will find the Board of Trustee Strategic Planning Update. This is the document I talked about in #1.

I hope our enhanced ways of communicating with you will support your interest and engagement. If, at any time, you have something you would like to share about our Strategic Plan, do not hesitate to reach out to me, one of the Priority Champions, or a member of the team. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our students, families, staff, and community as we continue to Do More. Be More. and Achieve More.

See you next time on the President’s Post.


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