Elementary Students Honor Campus Veterans

Three elementary students give an veteran's appreciation gift to an FSDB police officer.

On November 11, 2019, five FSDB Deaf Elementary School second-grade students delivered tokens of appreciation to 29 campus employees who are veterans. Student tokens included a colored card and a homemade pin with a red, white, and blue ribbon and a sparkly star.

Students participated in a mini-lesson before distributing their tokens to veterans, to better understand the Veterans Day federal holiday and why veterans are essential.

Although most campus veterans took the day off, those who worked on the Veterans Day holiday were very appreciative of the cards they received and wore their pins with pride. In the Blind High School, James Crozier still had his pin from last year, which he proudly displayed.

Jason, one of the second-grade students whose father is a veteran, remarked, "I liked this activity because the veterans are very nice. It is important to thank them because they keep us safe."

By Jessica Kaspar, Deaf Elementary School

Two students give Tim (O&M Instructor) hand-made appreciation gift.

Students give three food service employees thank you gifts.

Two students give Keith (PE Teacher) hand-made artwork that reads "Thank you for keeping me free!"