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Luis Hurtado Nunez: Alumni Spotlight

Luis Hurtado Nunez smiling, standing in front of Ford truck.

Having tinkered with around on cars and enjoying doing so with his father and uncles, Luis Hurtado Nunez set out to enroll in the First Coast Technical College (FCTC) Automotive Services Technology program as part of his FSDB Career and Technical Education coursework.

Feeling confident with his knowledge of auto repair, Luis quickly realized that he had a lot more to discover. In his first FCTC class on automobile safety, he learned about personal protective equipment (PPE), which is part of the standards required by the Occupational and Health Safety Administration (OSHA). Luis also studied the risks associated with automotive work, such as working with harsh chemicals and fluids, and dangerous tools equipment.

Early on, FCTC Instructor John Janota recognized Luis' potential and enthusiasm. When Janota visited Bozard Ford and Lincoln in St. Augustine, he observed two deaf employees at work and immediately thought, "Luis absolutely can do this type of work!"

Luis and a co-worker change the oil underneath a truck.

Janota then spoke with a Bozard representative about Luis and his potential for working there, who said, "Send him to see us, and we will interview him." Luis subsequently brought his resume to Bozard and underwent an interview. Several months later, as he wrapped up his studies at FSDB and FCTC, Luis received a call from Bozard regarding a job opening. Within a week, Luis started employment at Bozard as a Quicklane technician.

"I have been at FSDB since third grade–the teachers and staff are like family, and I have formed many relationships," explained Luis Hurtado Nunez. "Having the opportunity to go to First Coast Technical College also helped me prepare for my future. I always dreamed of becoming an automobile technician/mechanic like my dad, and thanks to FSDB, my dream came true."

Bozard Quicklane Manager Ken Schafer said, "We are always looking for young, ambitious, automotive repair techs. Knowing that Luis was at FCTC, we knew we were getting someone that has taken the first step towards a career in this field. In the short time that Luis has been with us, he has demonstrated the diligence and the personality that we feel will make him an asset to our company for a long time."

By Janet Vaccaro, Off-Campus Academic Coordinator, Deaf Department

Luis working on the engine of a truck with the hood up.


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