Senior Awards 2020

Join us on Thursday, June 4 at 7:00 pm, to honor our graduating classes of 2020 in the first ever FSDB Virtual Senior Awards Ceremony at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind. Scroll down to view livestream video, program book and a list of awards that will be given out.


Awards and Scholarships

Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship

Meliora Hatcher (B)

American Council of the Blind

Floyd Qualls Memorial Scholarship

Veronica Hyatt (B)

American Youth Character Award

Zhenling Martínez (D), Brandon Rounds (B)

Association of Former Students and Friends of the School for the Blind, Inc. Award

Jaevon Marseille (B)

Bright Futures Scholarship Qualification Consideration

Meliora Hatcher (B), Veronica Hyatt (B),
Nolan Fisher (D), Brieara Warren (D)

Theresa Castro Memorial Scholarship

Samantha Suárez (D)

Delta Gamma Foundation Scholarship

Veronica Hyatt (B)

Epsilon Sigma Alpha Sorority Citizenship Award

Kolton Kimbell (B), Shylah Thomas (D)

First Coast Civitan Club Scholarship in Honor of Leo J. Farrell

Aaliyah Ferguson (B), Tyler Powell (D)

Florida Council of the Blind Scholarships

Mobility Award: Gracie Helton
Bobbie Probst Scholarship: Brandon Rounds
Timothy Turpin Scholarship: Meliora Hatcher


Florida School for the Deaf Alumni Association Scholarship

Samantha Suárez (D)

FSDB Blind Department "Outstanding Cooperation" Award

Aliyana Cutrone (B)

FSDB Board of Trustees Foundation Scholarship

Richard Beardsley (B), Meliora Hatcher (B), Veronica Hyatt (B)

Sean Meyers (D), Samantha Suárez (D)

FSDB Educational Association Merit Award

Meliora Hatcher (B), Samantha Suárez (D)

FSDB Salutatorian Achievement Award

Derlim Cotté-Alvarado (B), Nolan Fisher (D)

FSDB Valedictorian Achievement Award

Meliora Hyatt (B), Veronica Hyatt (B), Brieara Warren (D)

Gainesville Lions Club

Billy Wolz Youth Scholarship

Richard Beardsley (B)

Gallaudet University Scholarships

Shylah Thomas (D)

Dr. Robert Gates Scholarship

Jason Castillo (D)

Jason F. Girard Perseverance Award

Tyler Powell (D)

Sherwood Hampton Tribute Award: "Attitude is Everything"

Christian Leath (B), Clayton Carter (D)

Patrick Dominick Hopkins Scholarship

Kaitlyn Deverson (B)

Kiwanis Club of Historic St. Augustine Award

Kait Deverson (B)

Kiwanis Club of St. Augustine Award

Derlim Cotté-Alvarado (B)

National Technical Institute for the Deaf

Rochester Institute of Technology Scholarship

Sean Meyers (D), Samantha Suárez (D)

Philanthropic Educational Organization Scholarship

Meliora Hatcher (B)

Mary Prickett Scholarship

Zander Towle (D)

Dr. William Proctor Scholarship

Shylah Thomas (D)

Ponte Vedra Women's Club Scholarship

Veronica Hyatt (B)

St. Augustine Lions Club

Robert McClintock Scholarship

Meliora Hatcher (B), Kolton Kimbell (B), Z’Leah Liburd (B), Brandon Rounds (B)

Sean Meyers (D), Samantha Suárez (D)

St. Johns County School District

David Macaulay Mathis Student-Athlete Award

“Pursuing Victory with Honor"

Veronica Hyatt (B)

Eric Schwarz Memorial Scholarship

Z’Leah Liburd (B)

Dr. Norm Tully Scholarship

Adiana Brenan (B), Sean Meyers (D)

University of Florida

Presidential Platinum Award

Meliora Hatcher (B)

Visual Aid Volunteers of Florida Scholarship

 Fahad Amjad (B), Meliora Hatcher (B), Z’Leah Liburd (B)

Young Life of St. Johns County Award

Veronica Hyatt (B), Samantha Suárez (D)

Irwin and Elizabeth Zekaria Endowment Scholarship

Sean Meyers (D), Samantha Suárez (D)


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