Boarding Services

The FSDB Boarding Services program provides a homelike environment, free of charge for enrolled Florida students.

Four FSDB students walking down Palm Row
FSDB blind elementary students doing homework in dorm.


Boarding staff are teachers, mentors, advisors, and surrogate family members for children who live away from home.  Beginning with the youngest students at age five and continuing to adult students up to age 21, the Boarding Program focuses on teaching life skills essential for successful transition to the adult world of independent living, employment, postsecondary training, and community involvement.


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Deaf/HH & Blind/VI Children

Served Campus & Statewide

Two Deaf FSDB Elementary girls hugging
FSDB Blind Boy using CCTV in apartment

Boarding Program

The Boarding Program provides FSDB students with a safe and secure home-like residential environment during the school week. The goal of the Program is to provide support for each student’s academic success, along with training on relevant student life topics and instruction focused on the development of independent living skills. Boarding students also have the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of recreational and leisure activities after school and during evening hours.


Residential Halls


Apartment program

The Apartment Program is an Independent Living Learning Center for High School seniors and Continuing Education students from both the Deaf and Blind schools. Between four and six students live in each apartment, which includes bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms.


Students prepare breakfast and dinner in the apartments with assistance from staff members. Students often share cooking responsibilities with their apartment mates so that they do not have to cook every day.

A deaf student helps a blind student learn how to fish in the recreation program.
FSDB blind student kayaking
FSDB students playing flag football.

Recreation Program

The Recreation Program is part of the Boarding Services expanded core curriculum. Boarding students have a variety of after-school and evening activity choices that promote a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle. View the monthly recreation calendars below.

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Bowling

  • Exercise and Fitness

  • Fishing

  • Kayaking

  • Movie Nights

  • Rock Climbing

  • Swimming

  • Individual Sports

  • Team Sports

  • Themed Dances

  • Special Events/Trips


When can I visit and/or pick up my child?

You are welcome in the dormitory anytime. We ask that you call first so we can make sure your child is in the dorm and not away at an activity.

Is my child allowed to bring a cell phone to the dorm?

Yes. You will be asked to complete a permission form and you and your child will be given the Personal Electronic Device Policy.

What kind of clothes and toiletries should I pack for my child?


  • School clothes (5 sets)
  • After school clothes (5 for the week and 2 extra = 7 sets)
  • Underwear/bra - (5 for the week and 2 extra = 7 pair)
  • Socks - (5 for the week and 2 extra = 7 pair)
  • Sweater/light coat or winter coat
  • Night/bed clothes (3-5 sets)
  • Athletic shoes (2 pair)
  • Swimsuit (2 sets)
  • Beach towel for swimming
  • Shower shoes and bedroom slippers
  • Rain jacket or umbrella
  • Dirty clothes bag
  • Dress up outfit (Optional)
  • Dress shoes (Optional)
  • Tooth paste/tooth brush
  • Bath soap
  • Shampoo/conditioner
  • Deodorant
  • Lotion
  • Hair product
  • Any other personal toiletries
  • Towels/wash clothes (OPTIONAL)
  • Bed Linen/comforters (OPTIONAL)
  • Pictures of friends and families to make it feel more like home (OPTIONAL)
  • Combination lock- Middle school and High School students

Are phones and VP's available in the dorm so my child and I can call each other?

Yes. We have telephones and videophones in the dorms. Please remember that we have many activities in the dorm and are often out and around campus. If no one answers, leave a message and your call will be returned.

Can my child bring snacks to the dorm?

Yes. Please provide airtight containers for snacks that are not single serve. You will be informed if your child’s dorm is a nut free area.

How can my child decorate his/her room?

Yes, making sure that bedding and other items are flame retardant. Pictures and posters may be hung using the bulletin boards in the room or removable adhesive. Please no tape, nails, or tacks on the walls.

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Apartment Boys
Deaf and Blind Seniors
PH: 904-827-8247

VP: 904-201-4532

Apartment Girls
Deaf and Blind Seniors
PH: 904-827-2510

VP: 904-201-4550


For more information about Boarding Services, contact:

Kathleen Grunder
Administrator, Boarding Services

PH: 904-827-2603

VP: 904-201-4660

Blind Dorms

Kramer Hall
Boys and Girls Elementary
PH: 904-827-2736

Cary White Complex
Boys and Girls Middle School
PH: 904-827-2851

Koger Hall
Girls High School
PH: 904-827-2733

MacWilliams Hall
Boys High School
PH: 904-827-2725

Deaf Dorms

Vaill Hall
Boys and Girls Elementary

PH: 904-827-2806

VP: 904-201-4461

Gregg Hall
Girls Middle School
PH: 904-827-2628

VP: 904-201-4506

McLane Hall
Boys Middle School
PH: 904-827-2624

VP / 904-201-4562

James Hall
Girls High School
PH: 904-827-2635

VP: 904-201-4485

Rhyne Hall
Boys High School

VP: 904-201-4565