Library & Media Centers

Blind students in the Cary White Library
FSDB librarian signing to deaf student in library.

The Lindheimer and Cary White Library & Media Centers are part of the total FSDB program. It is our mission to instill the love for reading in every student. To fulfill this mission, we analyze and update the materials in our collections with the most current resources for our students and staff members. We aim to provide top-notch service to those with academic needs as well as personal interests.

FSDB teacher helps blind student using Smart Brailler in the library.
Librarian reading a book to blind students in library.

cary white Library & Media Center

Located on the first floor of the Cary White Complex, the Cary White Library & Media Center primarily serves students in the Blind Schools. The collection of materials includes regular print, large-print, audio-books, and braille books. A variety of equipment is installed including multiple CCTVs, audio players, computers and braille writers, the library provides both informational and technological access for student needs. The library has a staff resource room as well as two classrooms, both equipped with audio-visual presentation monitors to allow for interactive lessons and presentations.

For more information, contact:

Joy Carriger

Media Specialist/Librarian
PH: 904-827-2720

VP: 904-201-4518

FSDB Board Trustees group photo.

Lindheimer Library & Media Center

Located in the Walker Annex complex, the Lindheimer Library & Media Center primarily serves students in the Deaf Schools.  We are proud to maintain a vast collection of books in a wide range of genres and subjects for students. We strive to include titles that even the most reluctant reader would want to check out! ​We also serve teachers and staff members responsible for on-campus programs by maintaining a large collection of K-12 teaching materials and classroom book sets. Computers, cameras and other multimedia equipment are also available for sign-outs.

For more information, contact:

David Snow

Media Specialist/Librarian
VP: 904-201-4518

PH: 904-827-2670