Physical Education


All Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School students enrolled at FSDB participate in Physical Education classes (PE) daily. All students adhere to school rules in regards to being on time, dressing properly, participating in class activities, and showing respect to staff members and fellow students. PE teachers may have additional class rules specific to their classes and activities.


PE Office

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Deaf PE Games

Blind PE Games



The FSDB curriculum includes swimming for all Elementary and Middle School students as a part of our “Everyone is a Swimmer” program. We recommend one-piece swimsuits for girls. Students who prefer to use goggles, swim caps, and/or earplugs may bring them. Students must be prepared to swim on assigned swim days.


A cardiovascular fitness program is also part of the curriculum. Every student participates in a “Track Lap” activity at least one day a week by walking, jogging or running our one-quarter mile track as many laps as possible within the allotted class time.


High School students enrolled in the 9th grade are required to pass a one-semester Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE) course to partially fulfill their graduation requirements. As part of the curriculum, classroom and homework assignments must be completed and turned in weekly. Students are required to attend class everyday in their PE uniforms, arrive prepared, and to take notes during lectures. Weekly tests are given and one-third of the course grade depends on test scores.

Physical Education Assistant Principal

Donna Johnson

Donna B. Johnson began her career as Women’s Basketball Coach at Flagler College, then became Coach for the girls’ basketball, volleyball, and track teams at FSDB. Fulfilling her desire to work with deaf and blind students in the classroom, she took on the dual role of Physical Education and Personal Fitness Teacher and later added Health Education responsibilities. Ms. Johnson received recognition as FSDB Teacher of the Year for the 2001-2002 academic year and has since 2004 served as Assistant Principal of Physical Education where she oversees health, fitness, and physical education for the Blind and Deaf Departments.

Master of Education, Education Administration, University of North Florida
Master of Education, Special Education, University of North Florida
Bachelor of Science, Education, University of Alabama

My objective is to encourage students to love physical activity and to inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle.


Scott Adolf

PE Teacher, Blind Dept.

Eric LeFors

PE Teacher, Deaf Dept.

Keith Young

PE Teacher, Blind Dept.

Joy Fraychineaud

PE Teacher, Deaf Dept.

Lanya Roberts

PE Teacher, Deaf Dept.

Jerry Heider

PE Teacher, Deaf Dept.

Anna Tutak

PE Teacher, Blind Dept.


Support Staff

Jeanette Gadson

Instructional Assistant

Michelle Tallent

Instructional Assistant

Billy Lange

Instructional Assistant

Jennifer Tompkins

Administrative Assistant

Amy Jo Reed

Instructional Assistant


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