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Employee Recruitment, Retention & Engagement – Priority Goal 1

The President's Post: Strategic Planning Progress


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Hello FSDB Community, 


I am super excited to announce how we will be sharing information about our 2022-2027 Strategic Planning progress. It is so important for me that you not only know what is happening, but can find ways to engage in the work. 

Before I talk about how we will be sharing information about the Strategic Plan, I wanted to remind everyone what our three Priority Goals are: 


#1  Employee Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement (ERRE) 

#2  Success for Students 

#3  Everyone Knows Our Name   


Now for the enhancements: 


1st: There will be a special section in each of the printed FSDB Board of Trustee reports which will give an update on the activities, progress, and data related to each of our three Strategic Priorities. 


2nd: At the FSDB Board of Trustee meetings, a champion from each of the three Strategic Priorities will present their updates. You can view the BOT meeting in the FSDB Vimeo library ( They will be posted for 30 days after each meeting. 


3rd: We have a new webpage on our website to serve as a “home” for Strategic Planning ( Here you will find our vision, mission, values, Strategic Planning Priority Goals, and highlights on events and activities happening related to the goals. You will also see who is on the team and what positions they have. We also note who the Priority Champions are for each of the goals so you know who to reach out to if you have questions, comments, suggestions, or want to be involved. This will also be the place where you will find the Board of Trustee Strategic Planning Update. This is the document I talked about in #1. 


I hope our enhanced ways of communicating with you will support your interest and engagement. If, at any time, you have something you would like to share about our Strategic Plan, do not hesitate to reach out to me, one of the Priority Champions, or a member of the team. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our students, families, staff, and community as we continue Do More. Be More. and Achieve More. 


See you next time on the President’s Post. 



I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude for your ongoing support of the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB). At the start of the 2021-2022 academic year, FSDB celebrated 136 years of services to eligible pre-K and K-12 students residing in Florida who are deaf/hard of hearing, blind/visually impaired or deafblind.


We are proud to be a parent choice school for educating Florida students. FSDB is an accredited state public school that is nationally recognized for its specialized educational programs, services, and advanced technologies, serving more than 1,000 students each year—through statewide parent-infant/family programs in addition to a pre-K Montessori early learning center and five K-12 elementary, middle and high schools on its 80+ acre campus in historic St. Augustine. We believe that the learning and educational experiences our students receive are unlike any other school in Florida. At FSDB, students gain the edge to do more, be more and achieve more, fulfilling our vision of preparing them for a lifetime of success.


As required by Section 1002.36 of the Florida Statutes, FSDB maintains a master plan, adopted by the Board of Trustees, which specifies the mission and purpose of the school. This Strategic Plan is for a five-year period from 2022-2027. The continued and vital support of the Florida legislature has made these many years of exceptional student educational services possible. We also look to the Florida legislature to ensure that FSDB, as a significant state asset, is kept up-to-date, safe and sound. The sustained success of FSDB students is made possible through your support, and we thank you for your dedication to them and their families.


We value your commitment to our mission and assure you that we will continue to use all available talent, energy, and resources to provide high-quality academic programs and services to the students entrusted to our care and who have chosen FSDB to be part of their educational journey.

Tracie C. Snow


FSDB President Tracie C. Snow wearing a black blazer and red blouse, standing near the bulkhead.
FSDB Mission Vision Values Goals Poster 2022


FSDB will prepare each student for a lifetime of success.



The mission of the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind is to utilize all available talent, energy, and resources to provide free appropriate public education for eligible sensory-impaired students of Florida. As a school of academic excellence, the school shall strive to provide students an opportunity to access education services in a caring, safe, unique learning environment to prepare them to be literate, employable, and independent lifelong learners. The school shall provide outreach services that include collaboration with district school boards and shall encourage input from students, staff, parents, and the community. As a diverse organization, the school shall foster respect and understanding for each individual.  (Florida Statute 1002.36)


Integrity & Respect — The FSDB community is a cohesive group that serves with honor, care, kindness and responsibility.


Safety & Security — The FSDB community is committed to the protection and well-being of stakeholders.


Innovation — The FSDB community welcomes change and embraces a continuous improvement mindset to encourage new methods to solve problems and foster creativity and growth.

Trust — The FSDB community is committed to high quality services and accountability through honest, reliable and consistent actions.

Priority 1

Employee Recruitment, Retention and Engagement

Priority Goal 1: FSDB will increase targeted recruitment activities to attract qualified applicants.

Priority Goal 2: FSDB will enhance campus-wide personnel development and succession planning.

Priority Goal 3: FSDB will enhance a sense of community through increased employee engagement.

Priority 1 Champions

Lexi Bucca

Lexi Bucca

Executive Director, Human Resources

Julia Mintzer

Julia Mintzer

Administrator, Business Services

Photo Coming Soon Portrait.png

Trish McFadden

Executive Director, Training & Quality Assurance


Priority 2

Success for Students

Priority Goal 1: FSDB will provide academic accountability to prepare students for post-secondary education.

Priority Goal 2: FSDB will increase career readiness at all grade levels to prepare students with the skills and experiences necessary to enter the workforce.

Priority Goal 3: FSDB will increase academic and boarding life-ready instruction to prepare students to be independent.

Priority 2 Champions

Randi Mitchell

Randi Mitchell

Executive Director, Curriculum and Professional Development

Scott Trejbal

Scott Trejbal

Administrator, Instructional Services


Priority 2 Updates

Updates forthcoming.

Priority 3

Everyone Knows Our Name

Priority Goal 1: FSDB will provide targeted communication in order to inform and partner with external stakeholders to increase engagement with FSDB.

Priority Goal 2: FSDB will utilize comprehensive and cohesive communication platforms to strategically share events, programs, and news to engage and inform to increase internal stakeholder satisfaction.

Priority Goal 3: As a trusted resource and leader in educating students who are deaf/hard of hearing, blind/visually impaired, and deafblind, FSDB will increase positive engagements with local, state, and national partners.

Priority 3 Champions

Shelley Ardis, Executive Director of Technology

Shelley Ardis

Administrator, Outreach & Technology Services

Photo Coming Soon Portrait.png

Michael Johnson

Executive Director, Communications & Public Relations


Priority 3 Updates

Updates forthcoming.

Strategic Planning TeaM


Trace C. Snow

President, FSDB

Kathleen Grunder, Administrator of Boarding Services

Kathleen Grunder

Administrator, Boarding Services

Angela Saunders

Angela Wallace

Principal, Deaf Department


Randi Mitchell

Executive Director, Curriculum & Professional Development

Photo Coming Soon Portrait.png

Patsy Eccles

Legislative Specialist

Julia Mintzer

Julia Mintzer

Administrator, Business Services

Stan Gustetic, Administrator of Health & Related Services

Dr. Stan Gustetic

Administrator, Allied Health & Related Services

Shelley Ardis, Executive Director of Technology

Shelley Ardis

Administrator, Outreach & Technology Services

Photo Coming Soon Portrait.png

Cindy Day

Executive Director, Parent Services

Photo Coming Soon Portrait.png

Trish McFadden

Executive Director, Training & Quality Assurance

Scott Trejbal

Scott Trejbal

Administrator, Instructional Services

Carol Bogue

Carol Bogue

Principal, Blind Department

Lexi Bucca

Lexi Bucca

Executive Director, Human Resources

Photo Coming Soon Portrait.png

Michael Johnson

Executive Director, Communications & Public Relations